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How early should I arrive to board the bus?

We recommend arriving 1 hour before the departure time.

Can I change my ticket's date and time?

Yes. You are entitled to a single change as long as the date and time of travel have not already passed. For this, you need to visit any Express Bus sale point.

Can I bring pets on the bus?

Traveling with pets is not allowed.

How can I contact you if I have any questions?

Call us at 1-800-923-17-99 or send us an email at

What happens if I lose my tickets?

Tickets must be purchased again. Due to security reasons, we cannot re-print tickets. In case you find the lost tickets, we will refund the money if you return them to the Omnibus Express office.

How much luggage can I take with me?

Adults can take up to 2 suitcases that do not exceed 35 pounds (15.8 kg) and that are not larger than 17 in. width x 26 in. height x 12 in. depth (43.18 x 66.04 x 30.48 cm). Also, adults can take up a handbag that do not exceed 5 pounds (2.2 kg)

Children can take up 1 suitcase and 1 handbag with same especifications mentioned above.

Are there discounts for students?

Currently, the only discounts available are for minors (2-11 years old) and seniors (+ 65 years old). They receive a 25% discount on the adult price.

** Restrictions apply

Can I leave my vehicle in your parking lot?

You can only leave your vehicle for a maximum of 10 days after purchasing your round-trip ticket.

Bus stations where you can leave your vehicle are:
Houston: 3200 Telephone Rd, Houston Tx 77023
Dallas: 517 E. Jefferson Blvd, Dallas Tx 75203

** Subject to availability

At what age can a single person travel on the bus?

A person can travel alonefrom 18 (eighteen) years old, showing valid ID

Can I buy tickets online for a family member who will travel from another city?

Yes. You can buy the tickets and send him/her the information of the requested trip (# of Operation, Tax ID) so that he/she can have the tickets printed at any Omnibus Express office.

Cancellation refunds

We do not offer any cancelation refunds. If something comes up and you need to cancel or postpone your trip we are able to change your ticket for a different date or time. You can do this at the Omnibus Express / OMEX VIP front desk at least two hours prior to your scheduled departure.

I bought my round ticket and now I want to confirm my trip. Where can I confirm it?

You can confirm your trip at any Omnibus Express / OMEX VIP office, bringing your original ticket and presenting an official identification. Subject to seat availability.

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